Research Overview:

Multi-phase Circumgalactic Gas Flow & the Assembly of Galactic Disk

Gas accretion, feedback, and baryon recycling shape the growth of galaxies.  These processes describe the dynamic interplay between galaxies and the intergalactic medium and operate in the region around galaxies called the circumgalactic medium (CGM) [review article].

My research focuses on the circumgalactic gas flow and how it affects the evolution of galaxies.  Here are some questions I aim to answer:

  • How does the circumgalactic gas feed the galactic disk and grow the disk inside-out? 

  • How do galactic outflows affect the CGM and regulate the star formation of galaxies?

  • Are different phases of the CGM dynamically related? What can that tell us about the feeding of galaxies and feedback?

I study the CGM using both observations and cosmological simulations: